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      Heng Li Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd.
      (Guangzhou Head Office)
      Tel:020-81944190 / 8
      1364992 / 81222433 
      Heng Li Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd.
      (Shanghai Office

      Tel: 021-56521533

      Heng Li 
      Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd.
      (Suzhou Office

      Tel: 0512-36803640

      Heng Li 
      Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd.
      (Chongqing Office

      Tel: 18916333382


      Grooving machine Frasmaster 18V

      Compact joint grooving machine with unrestricted mobility thanks to battery operation,Automatic depth control guarantees that the milled joint is fully formed, even on uneven surfaces

      Monodisc grinding machine Mambo

      The incomparable all rounder! Professional adaptation to almost all applications.

      Turbo II-Stripper

      Professional removal of any bonded flooring,also for studded rubber and sport flooring.